Sunday, February 17, 2013


Let me start of by running down what this blog will be about.  I play an MMO called EVE Online, and if you're not interested in internet spaceships, you might as well stop reading now.  I've been playing EVE for something like four years, and in those years I've done pretty much everything from highsec carebearing to nullsec pewpew.  Wormhole exploration is the only significant activity that comes to mind when considering the things I haven't done in EVE yet, though considering the size and scope of the game, I wouldn't hesitate to believe that that list is a long one.

These days, I run two accounts and mainly play three "pilots".  I put pilots in quotes because my station trading character has the ship skills of a three month old baby with a thumb in his mouth.  He's my main source of continual income.  When I don't have time to play EVE, I can usually pop in for a few minutes here and there to update my orders, which still nets me a comfy passive income.

I have another pilot whose main purpose is to fly a Tengu around nullsec and kill baddies to make me money.  While station trading is nice, I don't have enough of a financial base to make huge ISK yet, so I try to supplement my wallet through the actual playing of the game.

My third and last active pilot is my main.  He's kind of a jack-of-all-trades, and he's set up to do pretty much anything.  I've been playing on and off for years, so his skillpoint total is only just over 40 million, which is little compared to most other pilots his age but still nothing to sniff at.  He mainly flies an Ishtar support for my ratting pilot or flies in alliance PVP fleets to get the mad F1 action.

My posts will consist mainly of stories, musings, and a few guides on various topics.  Though I spend more time ratting than trading, I spend more time thinking about my trades than thinking about what rat I should F1 in the face next.  This blog is for you if:

  • You like Internet Spaceships
  • You want to learn a thing or two about EVE
  • You're interested in some of the activities I listed above
  • You hope to see me fail miserably in the future
Before I finish up this post, I'll try to give a little insight into what's coming next.  On reddit, where I go by toxicity959, I wrote up a short guide on the basics of station trading, which I'll likely rehost on this blog as well.  I said that if people were interested, I'd work on writing up a guide on using EVEMentat to increase trade profits, and since I've got some free time this week and a couple people showed interest in such a guide, I'll hopefully be able to write up something of the sort this week.  Next up, my main is less than a day away from flying a Thanatos!  Yay!  Excitement!  My posts will likely include something about how great flying it is, or how not-so-great losing it is.  Finally, I think I'll do an eve-fail-esque weekly trade report sort of thing with my station trading toon.  This will keep you guys updated on exactly what's happening in my financial world, and it'll be good for me since before this blog, I've been too lazy to keep track of my wallet from week to week.  That's all for now, so look forward to some hopefully good content in the future and fly safe!

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