Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Getting Resituated

Damn, it's been a long time.  After taking quite the break, I'm pleased to be back to New Eden.  There is much to be done to get myself back in the game.  All of my orders have obviously run out, so I've got to choose and invest in maybe 50 items, preferably ones I haven't used before, to get the ISK flowing again.  Though that'll only take me an hour or two, I am put off by the prospect of such a menial task, and have been procrastinating it since resubbing.

I've got my two main pilots back in their nullsec corp, and it's high time I deploy my PVP pilot and get in some kickass fleets.  It's been too long since the last time I've been bored out of my mind jumping gate to gate looking for action.  It's also been too long since the last time I've taken part in a large fleet encounter, and I have to say I kind of miss it.  Though it doesn't provide the same adrenaline rush as solo PVP does, it's still a lot of fun melting targets in a fleet, probably mostly because of just how quickly they go down.  It helps that my PVP pilot has got a name that isn't too close to either end of the alphabet, so I'm not usually primaried in large engagements.

Soon enough I'll be spending all my ISK on shiny new doctrine ships, trading fire with reds, shooting some structures (woooo), running some more sanctums, and hopefully watching my wallet grow.

I also hope to be doing a lot more posting on this blog/making videos on my YouTube channel.  EVE is a place where you never really know everything there is to know, and my goal is to help new (and veteran) EVE players keep learning.  If there's anything you guys would like me to make a blog post or video about, leave me a comment here or shoot me a PM on reddit (/u/toxicity959).

I haven't had the time for some real adventures yet so for now, I'll keep this post short and free of fluff.  Thanks for reading, and fly safe o7

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