Sunday, December 22, 2013

Noob's Guide to Success

Let me start this post off by reminding everyone that EVE is about what you want it to be.  ISK is meaningless if you don't have fun; it just so happens that I find my satisfaction in game in the form of an ever increasing number of space pixels in my wallet.  Granted, most of the fun stuff in EVE requires some ISK to do, but I encourage new players to focus more on what is fun for them than making ISK.

So you're totally new to EVE, fresh out of the clone vat in this endless sea of opportunity.  What do you do?  The answer: tutorial missions.  CCP has worked very hard on making the tutorial missions more fruitful for new players.  Try everything at least once, who knows where your niche will be.  In addition to teaching you the game, the tutorial missions will also provide you with the equipment you need to pursue certain careers.  For example, completing the mining tutorial missions will provide you with your very own Venture-class mining ship for blasting space rocks.  None of the rewards come close to the stuff you can get after a little training, but it's definitely enough to start you off, and there aren't many other uses for your time that compare to the rewards you get from the tutorials.

Once you've done the tutorials, you'll probably have more of an idea of what you'd like to do in the game.  The best way to pursue this career and continue to learn about the game is by joining a corporation.  EVE has an overwhelming variety of career paths, but there exists a corporation for almost any career you can think of.  Some people find mining mind-numbingly boring, others (Chribba) find it one of the most relaxing things in the world.  Mining ops with a corp can be a great way to take some of the edge off by relaxing with some friends while you melt rocks.  Some people like exploration, and some people don't have the patience.  If you feel like mining is your calling, consider skilling up for a mining barge, and then maybe even finding a nullsec industrial corp, where you might pay a monthly fee for the right to mine all the juicy rare ore you wish.  If exploration is your thing, maybe join a wormhole corp, where you can rake in billions of ISK a week and have some adrenaline-fueled adventures in the middle of nowhere.  Be warned, however, that moving your stuff out of a wormhole can be difficult at times; while it might not be a big deal to move in when you're new and have no assets, getting new equipment or getting your spoils out of a wormhole can be a challenge to even the most seasoned veterans.  PVP fiends might want to join a corp such as Brave Newbies, Inc. (my friends from reddit might be interested in the BNI subreddit), where you can crash your ships into a wall of enemies over and over, having much more fun than it sounds.

You can progress in EVE sans corporation, but if I'm completely honest, solo in EVE is one of the least entertaining things in the world.  All the fun stuff (fleet battles, taking sov, high-value rats, high-value ore, wormholes, etc) is difficult if not impossible for one person to do alone.  Besides, why play an MMO solo?  You can have much more fun doing almost anything you can do alone when you're surrounded by friends.

However, I must include a warning with this post, lest I lead you astray: be very wary of other pilots in EVE, because if your trust is misplaced, you can get burned.  Scamming, ganking, and many other unsavory activities are entirely legal in EVE, and it's not fun to be on the receiving end of a lot of these activities.

I'll end this post on a lighter note: once you find your niche, gain some skillpoints, and collect some ISK, you can start making more passive ISK and focus instead on burning it smashing ships.  Once you think you're ready to move on, check out my ISK/trade guides on this blog, or watch my station trading guide on YouTube.  Have fun and fly safe my friends o7

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